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College Admissions Can Be a  Stressful, Confusing Process.

With so much on the line, the decisions can feel overwhelming. Maybe you know the feeling...

✔️ Are you worried that the confusing college-pricing system might lead you to rule out opportunities that might actually be affordable - or worse, leave you making decisions that put you in massive debt?

✔️Do you know if you qualify for need-based aid? What about merit-aid? 

✔️ Are you wondering if your teen actually has a shot at getting in at her 'dream' colleges?

✔️ Does your teen need some support in getting that (so very anxiety provoking) college essay completed?

✔️ Does the average public high school counselor-to-student ratio (434 to 1), leave you without support for one of the most consequential decisions you'll ever make?


When you're steeped in the daily realities of family life, it's easy to let important decisions slide - but if you can't clearly understand your options, how can you do right by your college-bound teen (and your pocket-book)?

Wouldn't it be great to have expert help to navigate the jungle of information?


I know you want to make smart choices for your family when it comes to applying to college AND paying for it. The problem is, the college admissions process seems to get more complicated every year.

If you're like most parents of college-bound teens, you feel at risk of navigating it all with too little information. 

Maybe you disdain the hype & pressure around college admissions…...but you don’t want your teen to miss great opportunities simply because neither of you knew any better.

Financial fit is just as important as academic and social fit, but  honestly, it's not reasonable for families to have to navigate the byzantine process that is the college pricing system and make such important decisions without expert input.

Turn Stress Into Clarity & Calm

Hi, I'm Faith Stewart. I’m an Independent Educational Consultant who loves helping families take the stress out of college admissions, find good-fit, affordable colleges, and make applying simple. 

I’ve been a private college admissions consultant for nearly 10 years, soaking up all the details of the college admissions process.

I've helped hundreds of families just like yours understand their options and...

✓ Find colleges that were a great fit for them...
✓ Easily write engaging essays...
✓ Avoid major college admissions anxiety and...
Earn an average of $28,000 PER YEAR in merit and/or need based scholarships.

I’ll help you navigate the jungle of information.

With support, you can tame the college admissions chaos and put the stress behind you.

You can make the college admissions process an exciting journey for your family, not an anxiety-inducing rite of passage.

Stop struggling to find the answers on your own.

Book a free consultation call or jump into my mini-course on navigating the college financial aid system today.

You don't need to do this alone. Book a call today and take the first step...


"Faith, our financial aid package was amazing!

Also, I have heard from so many parents of seriously talented kids who didn’t get into their top three to four schools OR got in but got no money!  Makes me realize how important a smart college list is!" 

~ Marie Beaver

"Oh my goodness, SPU offered Carson $25,000 a year!!!! Allegheny offered $35,000 a year.Linfield initially offered $25,000 but then came back with an additional offer of 1.7k a year!

These are all such great schools!!! And such strong offers. It is starting to feel doable!"

~ Tiffany Guiterrez

"The process of applying to college seemed daunting. But Faith took the mountain of tasks entailed in today's college application process and broke them down into manageable steps.

Our daughter now has gratifying college choices that will provide an exciting foundation for her future."

~ Mary Perona

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How Can We Get Started?

Here are 3 simple steps:

 Book a call.


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Choose your service.

I love to help you with the financial aid process & strategizing for affordability, college lists, essay writing... or any part of college admissions. We can tailor our time together to meet your specific needs or you can choose one of the following service packages.

Let Go of the Stress; Find Clarity & Calm

See how a bit of expert guidance can set you up for a college admissions success!

What Service Package is Right for You?

College List 

(For Fit & Affordability)


If you want to make college more affordable & not pay sticker price, you need a list of colleges to apply to that considers:

✓ Your family’s finances
✓ Your teens academic record
✓ Your teens preferences & goals

This is exactly what I consider when I put a college list together for you.

Most families don’t know that colleges give MUCH more money to students than do private scholarships providers (like companies and nonprofits). This is where the big money is!

And most families don’t know that colleges have wildly different policies as to WHO they give their scholarships to & what TYPE of scholarships they give (need or merit).

You do NOT have to pay sticker price at most colleges... but you must strategize to make it happen!

When I put a list of colleges together for you it is based on:

  • An estimate of what all colleges in the country will expect YOUR family to pay for college (there is a formula for this & I walk you through it); this is the starting point for strategizing for affordability!
  • A review of your teen’s academic record, so that I can identify colleges where he/she is most likely to be academically successful, accepted, & given the biggest scholarships, and...
  • Helping your teen identify his/her preferences, so that the list of colleges I provide fit your child’s goals and personality.

A great college list saves you money, time (and sometimes even heartache) and leads to a much more successful college experience!



 Coaching to Write a Great Essay


To stand out in a college essay, you need to write something meaningful that highlights a positive trait and personalizes the application.

But it can be hard to write about yourself, especially when the stakes for college admission seem so high.

Done well, a college essay helps students articulate something about themselves that they're proud of (& it does NOT have to be along the lines of bringing water to a remote village or winning a state title!). 

An effective essay can make a college admissions officer say - "I want that kid!"

I'll coach your teen to write that kind of essay using a 10-step process developed by professional writers JUST for students applying to college.

This service includes:

  • Support from brainstorming ideas through multiple drafts & final review
  • Coaching to help students build on  strengths & demonstrate their best qualities
  • A detailed plan for completing the main essay in plenty of time
  • Video meeting to discuss the essay & choose effective topics
  • Multiple reviews for content, structure and polish
  • Customized writing exercises to address your student's  unique needs
  • Check-ins and target dates to keep your student on track
  • Final proofreading.

The students I support write great application essays and become stronger writers, better prepared for college and beyond.



An Hour to Answer Your Questions


Even just one hour of consulting time with an expert can help you make your family’s college journey an exciting one, rather than an anxiety-inducing rite of passage.

With 10 years of consulting under my belt, I can answer almost any question & point you in the right direction!

Some of the things I can help you with are...

✓ Determining financial aid/scholarship strategies specific for YOUR family/student...

✓ Reviewing academic records & advising in regards to potential acceptance at colleges that are on your student's list...

Understanding the key tasks and time-frames in the college admissions process

✓ Helping students plan for  educational testing (ACT/SAT)

✓  Gap year programs or travel/service 

✓ Information & resources about college “fit” and how to evaluate schools

✓ Advising on issues that impact financial aid (e.g., divorce, separation, unusual financial assets, etc)

I'd love to support you as you help your teen make successful post-high school plans! 




I am more than happy to discuss my services and your priorities & needs with you before you book!

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