Learn to cut the cost of college

Does the world of college admissions seems overwhelming? 

Would you love to be as helpful as possible to your teen...
...but you're not sure exactly how that would look?

If you're like most, you feel at risk of navigating college admissions with too little information.


AND, you’d love support that will help your family step away from the stress and confusion that surrounds so much of it!


Maybe you disdain the hype & pressure around college admissions…...but you don’t want your teen to miss great opportunities simply because neither of you knew any better.


You'd love to give your teen the guidance and tools she needs to navigate college admissions sanely and successfully... without the overwhelm!


If any of the above is true, you’re in just the right place! 
That’s where I come in. 



If it has to do with bringing STEP-BY-STEP COLLEGE ADMISSIONS GUIDANCE  - at affordable prices - to families who want to maximize opportunities without amassing unmanageable debt…  

I’m your guide!



I saw that getting expert college admissions advice at an affordable price shouldn’t be so difficult for families who are trying to make college dreams come true, stay sane through the last years of high school,  AND stay out of soul-crushing debt.   


So I said good-bye to most of my 1:1 work and built the DIY systems you need to navigate college admissions successfully -- so that it becomes structured, enlightening, and far less stressful for you than it turns out to be for many families.


I help you make college admissions a clear, well-organized process...and even enjoy it.


Yes, it can be done!. 


With ten years of experience as a private college consultant I’m ready to lead you through everything college admissions!

After guiding 100’s of clients & students through the maze of college admissions, I’ve pinpointed what it takes to help you...

  • Sleep easier because you fully understand college admission tasks & time-frames..
  • Make college more affordable, by understanding where your child might get the most financial aid 
  • Explore more of the hundreds of possible college options that could be a great fit...
  • Easily write engaging college application essays that grab and keep the reader’s attention...
  • Reduce your anxiety (and your student's too) around this next big step.


Last year, the students I worked with  averaged  $28,000, PER YEAR in tuition discounts (aka free money for college.)


I truly love helping families find big tuition discounts because - believe it or not - it very often opens doors to possibilities they didn't realize were possible! 
I'm a member of a number of professional Educational Consultants associations (see below), which helps me keep up-to-date on all the many changes in the world of college admissions!  
"The amount of college knowledge Faith has at her fingertips far surpasses anything you can find by “googling.” 


After working with Faith, my son (and I) are happy to report ...he has been admitted to all of his top colleges and has received significant scholarships to each!"


~ Tawna Eggert, happy mom

I believe that...

  • The college search & application process should be as stress-free as possible

  • College shouldn’t bankrupt your family

  • College choices should be made based on self-exploration and a solid understanding of the options

  • College fit and affordability trumps perceived status

  • University brand name does not determine future success.

More than anything, I'm interested in possibility... 

... and the sparking of it swirls around everything I’ve ever done:

✏️Program Director
🗒 Strategic planner
👫 Mum to two
🙋‍♀️College Counselor

I'm an unabashed optimist... even in these challenging times!

After working a successful career and time as a stay-at-home mom, I made college consulting my career starting in 2010.

My BA in Psychology and MA in Organization Development give me an excellent foundation for working with people & structuring processes.

Though there are no licensing requirements within the profession, I earned a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. 

I've helped hundreds of students & parents navigate college admission over the last 10 years and...

I can’t wait to help you! 

"I’ve just completed the first college planning tutorial about financial aid/grants. You’ve done an amazing job!
Your graphics are interesting and the entire lesson was really well put together.They are so fantastic and so in-depth (not too in-depth). You’ve really done it right!  I like the worksheets too!"
~ Kirsten Frosh, mom
Faith is a thoughtful and collaborative expert! We valued her help through every step of the process - from figuring out what size university would be comfortable - to generating a list of schools that have the right combination of academic and extra curricular opportunities - to proof reading essays for applications.
I cannot overstate how leveraging her expertise made the process less stressful for both student and parents.

~ Rebecca West, mom

"...Another benefit we received from working with Faith was the proactive steps we can take for financial aid. Understanding scholarships, FAFSA, merit aid, need-based aid and loans is a very complex landscape. Faith got us up and going on our understanding of these complexities which again, reduced our stress and is helping our planning immensely."
"... Faith made our college search and app process efficient and successful."

~ Elizabeth Hampton, mom

When I’m not doing college “stuff”... 

...I love reading, talking with my kids, and hanging with my husband - with whom I love to travel (pre-COVID that is) - stopping to visit colleges everywhere we go. 

I’m a mom of two kids, both already college graduates  - now Willow & Pebbles keep me company all day long ---->>>

My newest hobby is knitting (blankets - full of mistakes) and I try to be a regular (virtual) yoga class attendee!

I love walking, talking, and drinking coffee with friends. 

And I’ve read all these books (and more!), so you don’t have to! 😄

"When we started thinking about college for our oldest daughter, I felt completely overwhelmed. We had so many considerations: financial support, location, scholarship money, & don't get me started on the details of the applications themselves. Oy!

Faith was recommended and we jumped at the opportunity for help!"

"...So far, our daughter has been accepted into 3 of the 3 colleges where she applied for admission, with lots of merit aid!"

At this point we feel secure in her collegiate direction and happy with the choices available. We give all the credit to Faith, who has earned her fees countless times over!"

I'd recommend her to anyone looking to spelunk the caverns of the college applications!"

~ Dawn Groves

From Students & Customers…

"...We simply would not have known the wide range of options available to our daughter, nor would we have had the patience and time to learn the "ins and outs" of the search process on our own."

"...Faith is a knowledgeable and earnest 'college navigator' and we highly recommend her programs!"

~ Allison Roberts

This course is packed with valuable information.

One of the most important things we learned is the level of impact test scores can have on merit-based scholarships which is helping us choose colleges wisely! 

The course has helped my son put together his game plan! Overall, we feel much more confident having the knowledge from this course."

~ Molly Klien

Oh my goodness, SPU offered Carson $25,000 a year!!!! Allegheny offered $35,000 a year! Linfield initially offered $25,000 but then came back with an additional offer of 1.7k a year! These are all such great schools!!! And such strong offers. Thank you Faith!

It is starting to feel doable!

Thank you! You've saved us so much money!

~ Tiffany Gutierrez

"...More than anything, Faith is an incredible source of information and a steady hand during a key time in a high schooler's life. We grew to count on her support to alert us to key information, options and deadlines and to ask the right questions."

~ David Roberts

"THANK YOU... you have college planning so fun and effective for us to pursue! Our heartfelt thanks to you Faith!

~ Maureen West

Faith, our financial aid package was amazing! 
"...Also I have heard from so many parents of seriously talented kids who didn’t get into their top three to four schools - which makes me realize how important a smart college list is!  Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us!"

~ Marie Beaver

"Thank you so much for your help with everything- you gave me the support and confidence I needed to go through this process and make this decision and I am so grateful."

~ Emily L., student


"I had no idea what I have been offered was even possible. I really believe that my acceptance to many of these schools with such great financial aid was because of you and your help. I couldn’t be more thankful! ...You are such a wonderful asset to a student’s life!

~Monisha G., student

"Thank you so much! I was lost & couldn’t have done this without you and I appreciate all of your help. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping to make this process a bit easier on us!"

~ Sydney L., student

If someone were to ask me if they should reach out to Faith for help and support with this process, I would say, "Absolutely! - This will be the best $______ you spend at any point in your college search".  I really do think this service is a treasure!"

~ Pat Henderson


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