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My clients typically net at least a 10x return on investment via college scholarships (with no extra essays or tedious scholarship search required!).

Last season, my clients were awarded an average of $28,000 PER YEAR ($112,000 over the 4 years of college) in college scholarships, reducing sticker prices & out-of-pocket costs substantially.

My services will ALSO help your family go from overwhelmed, confused, and stressed to well- informed, organized, and confident as you navigate this next big transition with your teen!

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College Prep Freshman & Sophomore Advising


Lay the groundwork for a successful and strategic high school experience.

This approx. 2 hour session will help you learn how to maximize your student’s high school experience and make wise decisions from the outset.

During our meeting I will help you...

  • Understand the college planning timeframe and related tasks
  • Plan a college prep curriculum
  • Create a standardized testing plan & understand the impact of testing (or not)
  • Understand the college financial aid process, including understanding what your family will be expected to pay for one year of college and how you might best strategize for need-based aid and/or merit (non-need) based aid.

And of course, I am happy to answer any and all questions from both student and parent. 

This is a great way to put stress behind you and sleep easy because you "know you know what you need to know" as your teen moves through high school & you all prepare for the college admissions process.

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Customized College List & Personalized Financial Aid Guidance


Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed trying to research the thousands of colleges available to decide which ones to apply to?

  • Do you have some colleges in mind but are unsure what else is out there?
  • Do you need guidance on what college is a likely versus a reach for you?
  • Do you want to make college more affordable & not pay sticker-price?

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, you need a list of colleges to apply to that considers:

✓ Your teens preferences & goals...

✓ Your teens academic record...

✓ Your family’s finances in relation to mandatory college financial aid forms & formulas.

This is exactly what I consider when I put a list of colleges for you to consider applying to. 

A smart college list saves you money, time (& sometimes even heartache), introduces you to hidden gem colleges,  and can keep you and/or your teen from years of overwhelming debt.

We'll work together to figure out what makes a great fit for your student and your family's budget, and you'll end up with a list of 8-12+ colleges, balanced in terms of chances of acceptance, an estimate of the financial aid you might receive at each, & a report with highlights from each college.

Bonus: Includes 6 months access to Custom College Plan, an online platform with comprehensive information for every college in the country.

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Career Exploration


The Strong Interest Inventory® is a short career assessment that helps students explore great fit career paths. It is the standard of excellence for vocational interest inventories, world-wide.

It's designed for high school students, college students, & adults.

After completing the assessment students get data-based insight into their interests, so they can consider:

>> potential careers
>> educational paths
>> the type of work they’ll most thrive in.

The 'Strong' is backed by more than 80 years of research. It's constantly being updated as new jobs are created & technology advances.

Interests are key!

We know that over a lifetime, interests have the strongest correlation to:


When you connect exciting career options to learning:

✅ class work becomes more valuable

✅ school becomes a path to something that can be fun & rewarding

✅ students find majors they'll stick with!

Important Note: The Strong Interest Inventory® is a restricted psychological instrument. The Report may only be purchased, administered, and interpreted by a practitioner who is Strong Interest Inventory® Certified, such as myself.


Comprehensive Services

Each year I work with a limited number of students on a comprehensive basis. This comprehensive approach is designed for students looking for assistance with all aspects of the college planning process including interest assessment & career exploration, assistance with application planning, setting and meeting deadlines, and support for college essays. Comprehensive services includes access to me with questions and concerns throughout the entire college admissions process.


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