Make Applying to College Easier & More Successful

Step-by-Step trainings & tool-kits to walk you through each of the main phases of the college admissions process...


Learn to make college more affordable with The Tuition Markdown Method™


Learn how to make college more affordable by understanding how to navigate the college financial aid system and get the biggest scholarships (which come from  colleges extra essays required). This is the place to start if you want to make college more affordable!





Find great colleges to apply to with College List Lab™


Find new and exciting colleges to apply to that are a great fit for YOU. 

> Easily discover what's most  important to you with a fun, interactive card sort...

> Look beyond location & reputation to find new & interesting colleges to apply to...

> Learn how-to make sure the colleges your considering can deliver what YOU want & how-to evaluate YOUR chances of admission.

Includes: "My Choice Checklist'", "Cheatsheet to a Balanced College List",  "My College Specifics Spreadsheet" +  more!!!