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Choose your service.

I love to help you with the financial aid process & strategizing for affordability, college lists, essay writing... or any part of college admissions. We can tailor our time together to meet your specific needs or you can choose one of the following service packages. 

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Let Go of the Stress; Find Clarity & Calm

See how a bit of expert guidance can set you up for a college admissions success!

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What Service Package is Right for You?

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An Hour to Answer Your Questions

Even just an hour of consulting time with an expert can help you make your family’s college journey an exciting one, rather than an anxiety-inducing rite of passage.

With 10 years of consulting under my belt, I can answer almost any question & point you in the right direction!

Some of the things I can help you with are...

✓ Determining financial aid/scholarship strategies specific for YOUR family/student...

✓ Reviewing academic records & advising in regards to potential acceptance at colleges that are on your student's list...

✓ Advising on issues that impact financial aid (e.g., divorce, separation, unusual financial assets, etc)

✓ Sharing information relevant to student athletes.

You’ll know exactly what to do after our private one-on-one call.


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College List 



A great college list is one that is a good fit academically, socially, financially, and geographically.

I can help you pull that list together, making sure that you end up with a college you'll love... at a price you can afford.

We'll work together to figure out what makes a great fit for you, and you'll end up with a list of 8-10 colleges, balanced in terms of chances of acceptance, an estimate of the financial aid you might receive at each, and a report with highlights from each college.

A great college list can help make applying to college much more exciting!

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Coaching to Write a Great Essay


Done well, a college essay helps students articulate something about themselves that they're proud of (& it does NOT have to be along the lines of bringing water to a remote village or winning a state title!).

A college essay done well helps students articulate something about themselves that is important for THEM to know about themselves.  The icing on the cake is that it also tells the college who they are, and what they bring to campus.

A good college essay can make a college admissions officer say - "I want that kid!".

I'll coach your teen to write that kind of essay.

Bonus: The process students learn through writing their main essay will guide them through writing any other college admissions essays required.

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